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23 in. wide  x 62 in. high x 10 in. depth

Currently In the collection of the Artist 

whatever cu 4.jpg

About my sculpture, "WHATEVER."

For many years I sought to demystify the miracle of electricity. When the search led to the mysteries of magnetism, I realized that I was attempting the impossible. I dare say that Magnetism remains mysterious to all.

Instead I made a series of sculptures that attempt to glorify the mysterious.

The first of these pieces was Magnetic Attraction (1984) in which a paper clip hangs suspended below a small magnet. Suspenseful indeed.

Dynamo (1987) explores the relationship between magnetism and electricity as magnets cross a copper coil of wire to generate electricity which is then converted into visible light.


Alchemy (1995) added motion to the mix. In this piece electromotive force generated by the mix of materials within the sculpture causes a small circuit to swing in a regular pattern.

Electrified Pendulum (1999) also uses electricity (electromotive force) to created a very regular swing of a magnet across an electrified coil of wire.

Here in Whatever I have enabled the magnets to pass across the electrified copper coil in a irregular, random fashion, hence the title. 

The hanging pile of ceramic magnets hangs from a length of flat 1/2 inch video tape in such a way as to randomize the swing. The piece is powered by a 1 1/2 Volt "lantern" battery.


Whatever in its crate.

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