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© 1984

12 inches x 12 inches x 12 inches
copper, zinc, sea water, electronic circuit and pebbles

Note: Multiples of Magnetic Attraction have been created as a Unlimited Edition by the Artist.

Examples of Magnetic Attraction are currently in the collection of the Artist.

In Magnetic Attraction a metal wire made from a common coat hanger supports a small, red magnet. Meeting, but not touching the magnet, is a paper clip, tied with a bit of string. The little clip floats, held in the air by magnetic force.

"... a paper clip maintained in mid air at the end of a red thread by the pull of a magnet, the movement is sureptitious; one sees activity of the magnetic field with uncanny clarity, sensing its pull, the extent of its muscle, and the transforming nature of its embrace."
- Review by Thomas McEvilley, Artforum, November-1984

magnetic attraction 14.jpeg
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