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Artist's Statement

Presenting my work on a website is like Amazon pushing a pop-up toaster. I can show what it does, but what about the toast?


45 pieces have somehow made it to the Portfolio Page, and each has a different story. Some are giant and use primitive materials to explore archaic mechanisms. Some are little and electronic. Each is product of exploration and experimentation. I’m “old-school” and do all the work myself, largely because I like the feel of tools and materials.


I’ll notice some phenomenon that strikes my interest, and I start fooling around with stuff to explore what I had found interesting. Most often it goes nowhere but the trash can. Occasionally my experimental prototypes work out, and I develop the apparatus into a safe, reliable, and durable kinetic sculpture like the ones you see here.


I’ve been to art school and have worked at commercial galleries, and I’ve done “ok.” But my work has always lingered outside of the mainstream.


Now I now find myself to be an old man, and I look back with gratitude. I feel that I’ve been given a great gift, and I have done my best to pass it on in the form of kinetic sculpture. I can only hope that you enjoy my work as much as I have enjoyed making it.

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