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10 feet x 16 ft. x 5 ft.

In the collection of the Parque de las Ciencias,

Granada, Spain

A giant motorized wooden worm gear slowly drives two large wooden wheels. 


..."what appears to be a very purposeful motion driven by an enormous, very precise wooden screw. does little but entertain." 
- Pat Craig, The Contra Costa Times. 

An elegantly made, vertical, wooden screw rotates and two large wooden wheels are drawn downward. The screw's motion makes the wheels turn constantly and carefully in perfect time. The motions are compelling and sublimely beautiful. 


"...[Wooden Screw] keeps and amiable awkwardness in its operation, too.  Given the possibility for error in the choice of pairing seven- and eight-armed rotors, making these rotating elements, which flank the central screw, mesh just right into the screw-grove is a considerable feat.  But Tuck characteristically allows the piece to lampoon his own ingenuity. 
The rotors are mounted on wheels so that,  after a certain amount of time, combined effects of small irregularities of the meshing will move a rotor slightly away from the screw, necessitating a slight push to put the rotor back into place.  As well, the piece emits a reassuring clunking sound, to tell us that its mechanism is still at work." - Jeffrey Wechsler, Catalog for Rutgers Exhibition. 


Note: Wooden Screw was purchased by Parque de las Ciencias in Granada, Spain in 2009, and is currently in their permanent collection.

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