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34" x 18" x 18" 

In the collection of The Exploratorium, San Francisco.


Uroboros, The Snake that bites in its own tail. 
There are a number of interpretations about the logic or values behind the Uroboros snake (also called Ouroboros and Uroborus). The normal explanation: it symbolizes the recycling or renewal of the Universe.

Uroborus an endless feedback loop is created by wiring a reversing switch (dpst) to a reversible DC motor that mechanically activates the switch. 

“It’s one of my favorites,” says Peter Richards. “It looks homemade, yet it’s elegant. It’s humorous. : And it connects to a powerful cultural symbolism. “Exhibits We Love and Why : News From The Exploratorium,” Sept.-Oct. 2003, page 3.

Uroborus is in the permanent collection of The Exploratorium in San Francisco.

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