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Tagesanzeiger - Amazing Whimsical Mechanics

May 14th, 1993

Translation from the German by Dominik Essing and Christiana, edited by Norman Tuck

Amazing Whimsical Mechanics. Art Machines by Norman Tuck at the Technorama.

In the bell tent at Technorama a heavenly reaper is currently spinning, chains are flying wildly over wheels, LEDs are blinking, balls are swinging mysteriously through the air, and bamboo sticks of a random clockwork are clashing together. 
Art Machines” is what the technical museum in Oberwinthertur calls these whimsical artworks built by the American tinkerer and artist Norman Tuck.

All 22 exhibits of the special exhibition which opened yesterday (until September 19th) have one thing in common: They are based on simple mechanics that offer a playful and intuitively accessible approach to physics. With their magnets, old bicycle chains, gearwheels and cranks the exhibits are arranged in a very elaborate, surprising and amusing way. The “exhibit” [artwork] which Norman Tuck has named “Disco” consists of a platform that spins around and becomes a magic carrousel on which you move backwards while walking forward.

The exhibition shows Norman Tuck’s most important works. He is a 47 year-old trained car mechanic who has moved on to get a degree in fine arts. The complete show can be seen in Europe for the first time after its premiere in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Tuck has planned further shows in New Jersey and Toronto.

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