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12 feet x 12 feet x 12 feet

Currently in the collection of the Artist 

The movement of this sculpture is intentionally unpredictable and makes various unexpected sounds and movements. 

 “…Random Clockwork consists of bamboo poles organized into the frame of a tall, tepee like construction. When a metal weight is attached to a string on one or the other side, the poles start banging away at each other. The sounds suggest the ticking of a crazy clock. The clacking wood makes us think of jousting, or of Karate chops. Some of the movements seem slapstick, some lethal.” 
- Michael Brenson, The New York Times, June 28, 1985, pg. C-24


"In Random Clockwork (1981), hanging a weight on one end of a rope creates the tension that spins three bamboo spokes, which strike at irregular intervals the spars on a bamboo rod. If a spike misses a spar, the wheel speeds up, ensuring that the next spoke will hit the other spar with great force, spinning the rod so that the other spar hits the next spoke.”.. Chuck Twardy, The News & Observer, Raleigh, N.C.

Note:  Click here to see an alternative video shot in shot at the Artist's studio in 1981. 

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