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8 feet x 10 feet x 7 feet

Note: This piece no longer exists.


"Double Dutch, a painted red metal-and-plastic rectangular pipe construction, looks like a piece of farming equipment. When plugged in, its rotating rectangles go round and round, appearing to throw themselves over an invisible brink in a perfectly modulated, dense, continuously arching mass." - Edward Rubin,  Art News, Nov.1984.

Double Dutch, involves more traditional kinds of appeal. Frames of red-painted metal pipe gyrate in interlocking reciprocations which produce a sense of graceful continuous dissolution, like the forward edge of a waterfall. Here something of the smooth grandeur of natural, especially astronomical movement is played out..."- Thomas McEvilley, Artforum, Nov. 1984. 

“… a red painted metal pipe work, upon and inside of which one imagines the games of children.
- John Gruen, The Soho Weekly News. Sept. 26, 1974. 

Double Dutch has been exhibited at:
The World Trade Center, NYC.
OK Harris Gallery, NYC.,
Rutgers University Gallery, New Brunswick, NJ.
Art Galaxy, NYC.
Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, Winston-Salem. NC.


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