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© 1989

8 ft. x 21 ft. x 6 ft.

Currently in the collection of the Artist

* This piece is currently available for exhibition.

The Exploratorium Clock is a weight driven pendulum clock created by Norman Tuck in 1989 as an Artist-in-Residence project for the Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco.


It utilizes a pendulum variation of a verge (or crown wheel) escapement, which was the earliest known type of mechanical escapement. Pendulum versions of the verge escapement began appearing after the invention of the pendulum, around 1656. The Exploratorium Clock is rewound approximately every eight minutes by an electric motor which lifts the driving weights using the principal of Huygen's endless chain.

Explo Clock _ World Fina001.jpg

The Exploratorium Clock has been exhibited at:

1989 - 2013  The Exploratorium, San Francisco.

1991 The World Financial Center, New York City.

1991 Canary Wharf, London.

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