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Section of this review relevant to Norman Tuck


Review by Michael Brenson

The New York Times. 26 October 1984, Section C, Page 26.

....  Also of interest this week:

''Mechanisms'' (P.S. 1, Long Island City): As a result of an exhibition of machine art, assembled by Thomas Finkelpearl, the large, upstairs, barnlike space of P.S. 1 now sounds like a cross between an assembly plant, a rock concert and a zoo. No matter where we stand or sit, there is clacking, rocking and dripping. This battery of machines demonstrates the continuing ingenuity with which artists struggle to make one of the most equivocal aspects of contemporary life instructive and fun.


In the two sculptures by Norman Tuck, elegance and violence, human and monstrous, are close to being inseparable. When we walk under his large wood ceiling piece, we feel as if we are being ground up inside it. (Through Dec. 9.)

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