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Gruen, John. Review : Norman Tuck,

The Soho Weekly News. 26 Sept. 1974.

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 Norman Tuck (O.K. Harris, 469 W Broadway):


Large, motor-propelled structures slowly revolve, making shape, design and movement a thing of austere magic. Going quite beyond cleverness, these rotating sculptures offer understatement and a certain nobility, their gesture and thrust transcending the gadgetry that this post-Tinguely genre so often elicits. Tuck understands the sequential property of movement, and fuses its byproduct to materials that give it substance and meaning. Thus two spinning-wheel-like structures shaped in wood suggest the functional, as does a red painted metal pipe work, upon and inside of which one imagines the games of children. A silent sense of restraint is also present in these extremely handsome works. They should look and operate most stunningly in the out of doors.

            John Gruen, The Soho Weekly News. Sept. 26, 1974.

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